Breathalysers that last a life time. Easy calibration plans.

Calibrate your breathalyser once every 6 months with AlcoSense calibration management plans. Skip the queue. No booking required.

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Performance checkup

A series of tests are done to ensure that your breathalyser is in good condition and is performing optimally.

Up to Standards

Regular calibration is needed to maintain your breathalyser’s accuracy according to Australian Standards.

Lifetime guarantee

Your breathalyser is eligible for extended guarantee with regular calibrations at our service centres.

It’s okay to forget about calibration completely.

With our management plans, you don’t have to keep track of the calibration due date.


Receive reminder email

Confirm or update your shipping address in the reminder email to receive the correct shipping label.


Send us your breathalyser

Pack your breathalyser properly and send it to us with the shipping label you received through email.


Receive your breathalyser

Receive your calibrated breathalyser within 14 working days, depending on your location.

Transparent pricing. No auto renewal.

Calibration certificate included.

Silver plan Gold plan
Turnaround time 2 business days 24 hours
Return postage Standard Express
Fresh batteries - Included
New mouthpieces - 5
1-year plan $90.00 for 2 calibrations per year $115.00 for 2 calibrations per year
3-year plan $81.00 for 2 calibrations per year

$243 lumpsum payment

$103.67 for 2 calibrations per year

$311 lumpsum payment

5-year plan $76.60 for 2 calibrations per year

$383 lumpsum payment

$97.80 for 2 calibrations per year

$489 lumpsum payment

Get calibration plan

I prefer one-off self-booking calibration with turnaround time of 5 business days at $63 onwards.

Breathalysers that serve their purpose for as long as possible

Extend the guarantee of your AlcoSense breathalyser for up to a lifetime with regular calibrations.